Resume Cover Letter for Undergraduate Students Seeking Entry-Level Job

A resume cover letter is an important aspect of your resume document and if you are at an entry_level, it becomes a challenge to write.So, all you freshers out there who have just walked out of their colleges, schools or universities, are you all set to start your career? So what is the next step? Yes, you got it right. Search for a suitable job. Hence, to get it, you need to write a good resume with an effective resume letter to impress the employer. So first and the primary thing to think about is what to write and how to write in the letter. When you don’t have any experience in your field, it is a challenge to write the resume and letter. You need to highlight specific areas to get the job. Here smart work is indeed needed.You can get much information on internet, or you can even seek a career expert’s advice while writing your resume and letter. But if you want to write on your own, here is a little help for you. Let us focus on how to write a good resume cover letter:• Copy the header of your resume and put it on top of your cover letter. Then add the name of the person you are referring in the organization who will be judging your cover letter. Also put the company’s name and address.• The next step to do is start the letter with a formal call like, ‘Dear Ms. Jinny’ and following it with the introduction paragraph. It should explain who you are and, what education you have pursued, and which position you are exactly seeking for in the organization. It should not exceed more than 3 to 4 sentences.• Then is the body of the cover letter, which should include all your qualifications (3 to 4), which the entry_level position requires. Also tell about your accomplishments, skills relevant to the job you are seeking. You should convince through your resume cover letter that you are a perfect fit for the job.• While concluding the letter, also show that you are keen on the job and will get in touch further with the recipient to discuss the position. Also thank her for the time and consideration that the recruiter took to review your profile. End on a note of ‘Sincerely yours’. Then put your name and get the printed copy of your cover letter and sign it between your name and complimentary closure. You will for sure get the attention if you follow these steps.

Resume Cover Letters: Stop Hurting Your Job Search

There is little dispute about the value of a well written and focused resume cover letter. Sending out resumes has only one purpose; to generate interviews. A well written resume cover letter is written to introduce the resume and motivate the reader to look closely at the resume.The sad fact is that many job hunters still slow up their job hunting progress by using letters that directly hurt their job search. They think a one size fits all or a “form” letter will get the job done. Hardly; it’s only a recipe for the resume to be discarded and not read.Here are three mistakes to avoid in using and writing your resume cover letter.1. Failure to understand the needs and purposes the recipients will be looking for in the cover letter. Your resume and cover letter will be sent to three distinct individuals.First is the hiring manager; the person who can make a decision on hiring. Second is the Human Resource office; their job is to screen out candidates who fail to meet the qualifications of the job. And third are third-party recruiters; are looking for specific skills to help sell your candidacy to an employer.To be a strong candidate for the hiring manager they are looking for someone who can have an immediate positive impact. Focused accomplishments go a long way to sell this individual.The HR screener is looking for a close match to the listed qualifications. Your letter should then be crafted to address this requirement.The recruiter is searching for candidates who will wow the client. If the client is looking for an operations manger with three years experience and you have six years, with program management experience it becomes a rather easy sell.Knowing your audience for your cover letter will allow you to craft the letter to meet the needs of the reader.2. Failure to introduce your resume but repeating the same things you wrote in the resume. You worked hard on your resume and are proud of the effort. Repeating what is in the resume will announce to the reader that you are wasting their time if they begin reading the same thing twice. Maybe you think the creative well is dry; you have nothing further to add. Well think again, because the letter to be effective must be creative.The first sentence must grab the reader and motivate them to read further. After the first paragraph they want to read the second paragraph, and so forth. The cover letter is a document meant to sell; and sell you effectively.You are in business to sell your skills and provide benefits to the employer. Make sure that every word and every sentence speaks about the value you are about to bring to the company.3. Failure to focus the cover letter to the proper story line. Every time you talk about yourself in the cover letter that means less space in the one page letter to selling what you can do for the employer.Edit out the “I” and “Me” from the cover letter as much as possible. Do the research and focus on how you can make a difference for the prospective employer. The employer doesn’t care about advancing your career but the bottom line and your enthusiastic commitment and interest in the job. The story line is about the employer and not about you.Carry this off and eliminate the other mistakes and you’ve got a winning cover letter.