Formatting Your Resume Cover Letter for Online Submission

A resume cover letter is like an entrance to your resume so it has to be perfectly written.Formatting a resume letter from the content, and the presentation point of view is very important. Even if you are submitting online application, your letter needs to be groomed well in such a way that it should be readable and error free. To give you a clearer idea here, we divide and tell you in detail about the content of the letter:Content formatting:The primary thing to be included in the letter is all your contact details like your name, address, contact number, email id etc. so that future employers can get in touch with you easily. The next three points should be the highlights of your content, each point for each paragraph of the letter:1. Why you want to apply for this job and where you got this jobs information? (First para)
2. What you have to offer? (Middle para)
3. Your process of follow up. (Third para)In case of first paragraph, you need to mention why you are applying for the particular job, where you got the details regarding the position and the title. The tone of the first paragraph has to be energetic and confident as being the start of the letter.The second paragraph of the letter should focus on your skills and abilities, which will match the skills required for job position..The third and last paragraph should highlight how keen you are to do this job, and let the employer know how they will be able to contact you and get back to you through your mentioned contact details in the cover letter.The format:What and how you organize the matter in the letter is also important. Like a resume, in a cover letter too, you have to use a simple font and normal font size. Don’t use fancy fonts in order to be too creative.It is also very important that the language you use has to be grammatically error free. The language should be readable enough for the hiring manager. Don’t go too stylish and informal in case of using language. Be clear and precise. Stick to facts and be careful about basic things like fonts. Use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Using a font size of 12 will make it easy to read for the recruiter. Break the paragraphs appropriately and once you finish the letter, proof read it. Most important thing to remember is your font, font size of the letter should match the resume also.Thus, there are a lot of things to think on for writing a simple cover letter. But if you really want to impress your future employer, then think and consider these points before writing your resume cover letter.